Mar 11, 2016

It is in our Best Interests to Make a Deal With Turkey

On Friday, Government Spokesperson Zoltán Kovács told Hungarian television channel M1 that it is both in the best interests of the EU and Hungary to make a deal with Turkey, but the conditions on which the agreement is reached are of importance.

In response to a question on the Turkish proposal submitted by EU and Turkish leaders at Monday’s extraordinary Brussels summit, Mr. Kovács pointed out that it is in our best interests to make a deal with Turkey, since it is a key player of the Western Balkan route we are talking about, but it does make a difference on what conditions an agreement is reached and whether it will be working at all.

Regarding the fact that negotiations will continue next week, Mr. Kovács said that it is hard to tell what the proposal to be negotiated will be like, since even though Monday’s summit was held after weeks of preparations, heads of state and government were surprised with a completely different proposal. There are still long days ahead of next Wednesday when the Government is supposed to receive the draft proposal, and on Thursday and Wednesday, other positions might come up during the negotiations, he said.