Dec 31, 2018

Let US Teach for Hungary brings a new approach to mentoring, helps students in small communities

The Let Us Teach for Hungary program brings a new approach to mentoring and targets students in small communities.

On one hand, the program helps primary school students in small communities to successfully complete their studies. On the other hand, it proposes "mutual learning, supporting each other, and strengthening communities," said László György, state secretary in the Ministry for Innovation and Technology (ITM) at the program's announcement earlier this month.

“Besides that, we are aware of the fact that there are small settlements in the country working under graver economic conditions," the state secretary added, "and we also need to have the opportunity for those living there to succeed in life. We believe that aid or basic income is not the solution, but to give the opportunity to successfully learn and find employment in the labor market.”

The program aims to help students to achieve what they are capable of based on their talent, whether they are in the field of vocational education, higher education, sports, arts and, ultimately, helps them find employment in the labor market.

The mentoring initiative comprises four areas: the university mentor program, the middle school mentor program, the student government mentor program and the enterprise mentor program.

Joint learning can be a decisive experience for high school students and primary school students living in small towns, according to Gabriella Hajnal, president of the Klebelsberg Center and a former director of a previous mentoring program. Relationships among the students, she said, often continue long after the mentoring was completed.

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