Jun 07, 2016

Migrant Crisis: 382 illegal immigrants apprehended in Hungary over weekend

The number of illegal immigrants trying to enter Hungary has increased month-by-month

Authorities have revealed that 382 illegal immigrants were apprehended in Hungary over the weekend and four suspects arrested for people trafficking.

According to statistics published on the police website, the illegal immigrants were caught on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, and the figures are not set to decline over the coming weeks.

The number of illegal immigrants apprehended during the first few weeks of the year averaged around ten per day, but in February, March and April there were days on which over 200 migrants were stopped. The most, 255, were apprehended on Easter Monday.

Last week, from Monday to Sunday, police took action with respect to 904 illegal immigrants; the week before, from May 23 to 29 , this number was 882.

According to information on crimes relating to migration published by the prosecution service and the court, there is a large variation in the nationality of illegal immigrants caught trying to cross the border, with the majority of immigrants claiming to be from Afghanistan, Syria, Pakistan or North Africa, but some arriving from farther off countries such as Haiti or Sri Lanka.