Aug 04, 2016

Migrant crisis is a massive threat to Europe and Hungary

If the EU fails to stop the inflow of asylum seekers they will “wash away” the continent, Lajos Kósa has said

The migrant crisis is a massive threat to Europe and if it fails to stop the inflow of asylum seekers they will “wash away” the continent, Lajos Kósa has said.

Kósa, chairman of Parliament’s Committee on Defence and Policing, said Europe must say no to migration, protect its borders and guarantee the safety of its citizens.

He argued it was “hypocritical” of the European Union to continue to support taking in migrants and expressed hopes of a high turnout in Hungary’s October 2 referendum on the EU’s mandatory migrant quota scheme.

He said all of the terrorist attacks committed across Europe over the past weeks were revealed to have been carried out by people with “migrant backgrounds”.

Kósa also claims that the increased harassment of women by migrants is evident, and echoed by a government billboard urging voters to reject the quota scheme. It reads: “Did you know that there has been a rapid surge in the harassment of women across Europe since the beginning of the immigration crisis?”

Most of the migrants arriving in Europe are illegal immigrants “who begin their lives in the EU with a conscious breach of the law," Kósa said. “If we want to help these people, then we need to help them in their home countries, not in Europe," he concluded.