Aug 12, 2016

Migrant Crisis: The Hungarian people must have their say

The October 2 referendum will be the first in Europe to determine whether Hungarians will accept the EU's forced migration quotas

The Hungarian government will extend the state of emergency caused by illegal immigration and continue their campaign related to the quota referendum until October 2,  Zoltán Kovács, government spokesperson has confirmed today.

According to Kovács, every member of the government will take an active part in the campaign so that people can learn the facts in order to say no to the question of the referendum in a well-informed manner.

He highlighted that on October 2, the inhabitants of Hungary will be the first to state their opinion in the EU as to whether they find it conceivable that the bureaucratic apparatus in Brussels should decide on forced settlement by circumventing the national parliament.

He added that quite evidently, illegal immigration is posing a major challenge to public security, the number of atrocities involving women has increased drastically, and there is additionally a provable and obvious connection between those suspected of and perpetrating acts of terrorism and illegal migration.

Kovács added that "the challenges and tasks caused by illegal migration continue to remain with us”. In his words, the trend which has been observed year after year – based on which the number of migrants arriving in the first 7 to 8 months doubles by the end of the year – is hardly promising.

According to the data of Frontex and Eurostat, more than 260,000 people have arrived in Europe via the Mediterranean alone, and almost the same number of people have arrived on the continent by land, he said.

Due to the ongoing pressure, the government will take action to extend the national state of emergency caused by mass immigration which will expire on September 9, he indicated.

In answer to the question of whether the referendum will have any impact on the decision to be adopted in Brussels, he said that it cannot be ignored either in Hungary, or in the EU that the EU is preparing to adopt a decision that will be binding on the Member States on an issue which falls within competence that has never been delegated. The referendum will be unavoidable, he pointed out.