Apr 22, 2020

MOL Bubi bikes and E-car sharing services offer discounts during pandemic

Car sharing services and the MOL Bubi bicycle-sharing system are offering discounts as an incentive for people to use them instead of public transport.

Car sharing services and the MOL Bubi bicycle-sharing system have launched significant discounts for Budapest citizens as an alternative to public transport during the coronavirus pandemic.

MOL Bubi has introduced a HUF 100 monthly fee for their bicycles. Since the announcement in the middle of March, the bikes have been used by the public more than 37,000 times, and about 60 percent of the users are newly registered in the system.

E-cars can also be an environmentally-friendly alternative to buses and metro trains, therefore car sharing companies GreenGo, MOL Limo and Share Now have introduced a 11-30 percent discounts on their fees, encouraging people to avoid the masses when they are travelling to or from work.

Premium cars have also been offered to help healthcare institutions during these difficult times. Key workers have received cars from Share Now, the cost of petrol has been taken over by OMV Hungária Ltd., and all cars are disinfected daily.