Apr 04, 2019

National Catholic Register says there is hope in Hungary for the traditional family model

Hope in Hungary as abortions decline, marriages increase and families are valued

The National Catholic Register has asked its readers a serious of questions aimed at preserving the traditional family unit and Christian values.

Where on earth does an unborn child have explicit constitutional protection from the moment of conception?  

Where do women have three years of maternity leave and grandparents will soon qualify for subsidized parental leave too?

And where are mothers with four or more children exempt from income tax for life?

Answer: Hungary.

The publication goes on to discuss how Hungary has pursued an aggressive pro-family policy since 2010, enough years to show positive results.

Between 2010-2018, the abortion rate dropped 33.5 percent, marriage increased 43 percent, and divorce decreased significantly too—by 22.5 percent between 2010 and 2017.

Before mass migration into Europe became a contentious issue, Hungary decided to confront its anemic birthrate with a multi-faceted plan to promote marriage, childbirth, and big, homegrown families.

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