Jul 06, 2016

Only Hungarians can send a clear message to Brussels

"Only the Hungarians can decide who they want to live with, not Brussels," says Antal Rogán

The Hungarian people have the choice of having their voice heard by Brussels, if they cast their vote on the forced migration quotas referendum on October 2.

“Only the Hungarians can decide who they want to live with, not Brussels," Antal Rogán, head of the Cabinet Office of the Prime Minister, has said.

“On October 2, the citizens of Hungary will be the first in Europe to have the opportunity to voice their opinion on Brussels’ immigration policy and can send a clear message as to whether they support or reject Brussels’ immigration policy," Minister Rogán said

“The government is asking the people of Hungary to say no to mandatory relocation and to Brussels’ immigration policy," he added, while also asking Hungarians to participate in the referendum in as large numbers as possible.

The minster continued by saying that with regard to immigration policy, the Cabinet continues to regard the protection of borders and stopping the flow of immigrants entering Europe as the most important priorities.

Rogán said the government would start launching a series of informative adverts to highlight the referendum, which is already partly underway and would continue throughout July and August.

Rogán indicated that in addition to Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, every minister and minister of state would be taking part in the campaign.

He also asked that every Parliamentary party voice its opinion on the subject.