Jul 05, 2018

PM Orbán: By protecting its borders, Hungary takes a gigantic burden off of Germany’s shoulders

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán met with German Chancellor Angela Merkel today during an official visit to Berlin.

Speaking at a joint press conference, PM Orbán said that even though Hungary sees things differently, our goal is to ensure close cooperation with Germany. 

The migrant crisis proved the most important point of discussion between the two leaders, along with economic, cultural and educational issues. 

The prime minister stated that Hungary’s stance on migration has been “consistent and unchanged” and the country will continue to protect Europe’s southern borders. 

“Hungary’s southern border is protected; no migrants can enter through our borders to Austria or Germany, and we will keep the border protected also in the future,” PM Orbán said. 

The prime minister argued that there is a legal debate as to whether Hungary or rather Greece can be defined as the migrants’ first point of entry, where they should be returned. 

PM Orbán said Hungary believes that Germany should send these people back to Greece and “we are ready to engage in this lengthy debate,” he added. 

Concerning the unfair accusations about Hungary’s lack of solidarity, PM Orbán points out that by protecting its borders, Hungary takes a gigantic burden off of Germany’s shoulders. 

“There are 8,000 armed officers protecting the southern border 24 hours a day, if the migrants could enter they would immediately head towards Germany,” he said, adding that by doing this Hungary exhibits “grave solidarity.” 

“We look at the world in a different way, therefore we see certain things differently, but our goal is to build a close cooperation with Germany,” PM Orbán concluded.