Nov 23, 2018

PM Orbán discusses the migrant crisis and Brexit during radio interview

The prime minister said Brussels had failed to keep migrants out of Europe while failing to keep Britain inside

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán touched on the subject of the European Commission's bank cards and visas for migrants during his regular radio slot on Kossuth Radio this morning.

The prime minister said pro-migration forces consider European institutions as a “transport agency” because they believe migration is in Europe’s interest.

PM Orbán added that this was to Hungary’s detriment. Only after the European parliamentary election will the situation change, he said.

The prime minister highlighted that while the European Union justified repressive measures against European citizens by citing the fight against money laundering, the EC “is giving anonymous bank cards to people we don’t know … and many of them become terrorists and criminals.”

“The rightful question is, why is this happening and where does the money come from,” he said. “This is the kind of slippery slope which could again lead to a broken Europe.”

The prime minister said European politicians who are about to lose their mandates are “panicking” about the issues close to their hearts and they are rushing to conclude the migration issue. He said Brussels had failed to keep migrants out of Europe and had also failed to keep Britain inside.

The prime minister added that Brussels had made serious political mistakes in their handling of Brexit. At the same time, the document received in advance of the special EU summit on Sunday, “which is satisfactory from Hungary’s point of view”, protects the interests of Hungarians living and working in the United Kingdom.

PM Orbán said the rights of Hungarian workers in the UK will not be compromised.

The prime minister noted that surveys have been carried out in Hungary and in the UK concerning EU matters. In Hungary’s consultation and referendum, Hungarians said they wanted “more national sovereignty and less Brussels,” while the British went even further, he said.