Sep 13, 2016

PM Orbán: Europe needs to wake up

Hungary's October 2 referendum on the EU's forced migration quotas serves the purpose of protecting Hungary, Orbán said

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has said that “Europe needs to wake up" in a parliamentary speech focused on migration.

“The crisis will not resolve itself. Naive politics brings trouble,” PM Orbán said. “Naivety in Brussels is the general state of affairs today, but instead of a showdown, meaningful debates and European unity are necessary alternatives," he added.  

“Hungary’s migration policy is morally sound … We don’t have a heart of stone … Help should be provided at the point where the migrants depart from rather than bringing trouble here,” he stressed.

Hungary's October 2 referendum on the EU's forced migration quotas serves the purpose of protecting Hungary, the prime minister said.

“Through the referendum, we want to change the European Commission’s decisions that have already been made,” he said.

"Brussels wants to implement an automatic mechanism for distributing migrants without any upper limit and facilitate family reunifications. They’re preparing a ruse: if they can’t get along with nation states then they will get along with left-wing cities … Now it will become apparent where the migrant settlements will be," he said.

The prime minister said that Europe's “naive and dangerous” migration policy should be replaced by a policy “of self-defense and a show of strength”.

Referring to the terrorist attacks in France and Germany, he said that “terror has now moved into Europe” as a result of “modern-age mass migration”. Terrorist attacks could happen in any EU country, he said.

“Brussels is shrouded in the vain hope that things will return by themselves to old, comfortable ways,” he said. “What we have seen is just the warm-up; the real match is still ahead,” he added.

“We do not want to leave the EU but improve it,” PM Orbán said, adding that Brexit reflected a “failure of European policies" and a change is needed for it to suceed.