Oct 07, 2016

PM Orbán: Hungary takes partnership with China to the next level

The prime minister said that the two country's strategic partnership could be taken to a "higher level" as soon as next year

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has said that the time has come for elevating cooperation between central Europe and China.

Speaking at the conference 'Dialogue Between China and the Central-Eastern-European Political Parties' held in Budapest, the prime minister said that the two country's strategic partnership could be taken to a "higher level" as soon as next year.

The prime minister highlighted that central Europe and China have a vested interest in one another’s success. One must accept that humanity cannot be successful without its largest country being successful, he pointed out.

He added that central Europe is a big hope of the future, Europe’s most dynamically developing region.

Hungary continues to remain committed to cooperation between China and central Europe, and the rebuilding of the Silk Road. To this end, it is necessary to build the section of the road which connects this region with China, and we need economic cooperation which guarantees the flow of goods on this route, PM Orbán said.

He pointed out that it is in this spirit that they are building the Budapest-Belgrade railway line together with the Chinese.

The prime minister pointed out that connecting together "the world’s strongest economic power center at this point in time," that is China, and "Europe’s prospective – or perhaps already current – growth hub," that is central Europe, is an important goal.

Liu Yunshan, member of the most senior decision-making body of the Communist Party of China, the Politburo, said that the Communist Party of China and the Government of China greatly appreciate cooperation with Central-Europe.

The Chinese politician likewise described the coordination of development strategies as essential. In economic relations everyone must aim for mutually advantageous solutions, he added.