Jan 04, 2018

PM Orbán meets Polish counterpart in Budapest to strengthen economic relations

“We are the economic engine of the European Union,” PM Orbán said, adding that central Europe is the fastest growing region

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán held a succession of meetings with Polish prime minister Mateusz Morawiecki in Budapest yesterday.

PM Orbán said that the Central European economic models work and the countries of the region are playing a stabilizing role in the European Union; therefore they want that role to be reflected in their impact on EU affairs.

“We are the economic engine of the European Union,” he said, adding that central Europe is the fastest growing region. “We would like a work-based and performance-oriented economy, and we do not want to live in an empire again. The EU must be an alliance of nations,” PM Orbán stressed.

The economies of the countries of our region are working, while the EU’s immigration policy has failed miserably, the prime minister added.

“We must continue to protect our borders, migration must be stopped, and help must be taken where it is needed,” he said. The European people do not want immigration, while some leaders in Europe continue to push the idea of immigration, he added.

PM Orbán highlighted that cooperation in large projects will be at the center of relations between the two countries in the future – security (protecting the borders), North-South energy and transport infrastructure connections.

The prime minister hailed the meeting with his Polish counterpart as an important step in building the economies of the two nations. The prime minister said that if central Europe is given opportunities to trade, to invest, to work and to develop, it is able to stand on its own two feet economically.