Aug 19, 2016

PM Orban: Referendum tsunami will hit the EU

Hungarian Prime Minister believes that the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland will follow Hungary's lead by voting against the EU's forced migration quotas

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán expects a 'tsunami of referendums across Europe' once the October 2 referendum takes place.

Orbán expects that at least three other member states will follow Hungary's lead by holding their own referendums on the EU's forced migration quotas, these include Slovakia, Poland and the Czech Republic.

According to the UK's Daily Express newspaper today, Orbán said that "if the Hungarian referendum in October proves to be successful, that might lead to a tsunami of referendums across Europe and will crack the EU even more."

"I expect a lot of other European countries, especially the historical V4: the Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia to follow in Hungary's footsteps. Even if they won't hold an actual referendum,  I believe they will at least attack the EU mandatory quotas on every forum," he added.

Hungary is holding a referendum on October 2 for the people of Hungary to determine whether they will accept the forced migration quotas imposed upon them by the EU.