Apr 11, 2018

PM Orbán says voters have made their decision so we must respect their wishes

The prime minister said there would be “significant changes” in his new government over the next four-year term

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has said the outcome of the general election on Sunday was because Hungarian people voted in favor of national sovereignty.

The prime minister addressed the international press yesterday, assessed the win and laid out plans for the next four years.

PM Orbán said it was voters who had decided after voting on the most important topics: migration and the question of national sovereignty. He said Hungarians should be the only ones to decide whom they wish to live with, “and we must respect this decision”.

The prime minister added that there would be “significant changes” in his new government over the next four-year term. The cabinet will be reshuffled “with mostly new people” in three to four weeks’ time.

“We don’t intend to continue with the previous term but instead open a new one,” PM Orbán said, highlighting that the terms of all of his ministers and state secretaries had expired.

The prime minister also said that Hungary is a country that wants a strong Europe of strong member states. He added that his government had to stand by a “Europe of nations” rather than a “united states of Europe”.

PM Orbán reiterated his sentiments over the party win. He said the size of his Fidesz party’s support was clear, “and we received a strong mandate; in fact one of the strongest — if not the strongest — of the last 30 years.”

The prime minister said his new government would work to improve Hungary’s demographic indicators and economic policy would follow “the economic school of Matolcsy”, whose premise is that the country’s finances must be in order. Therefore, Hungary’s public debt is expected to decline further, he added.

On the topic of the “Stop Soros” bill, he said the proposal had been submitted to parliament before the election so that voters would be able to make their decision knowing that, and this fact boosted its legitimacy. “We feel empowered to pass it,” he said.