Oct 27, 2017

PM Orbán: Security service looking into the “Soros network” and how it engages in political activities that target Hungary

The Hungarian government wishes to clarify whether the activities of George Soros-affiliated organizations have targeted Hungary in Brussels and other forums and, if so, how

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said the network of US financier George Soros has “a vast sphere of influence” in the European Parliament and other European Union institutions.

The prime minister added that the “Soros network” must be exposed to the public with the help of the national security services, so that “we see the developments and learn who, why and how seek to influence the lives of Hungarians”.

Meanwhile, János Lázár, the minister heading the Prime Minister’s Office, confirmed that the Hungarian security service is looking into the activites of George Soros, what he achieved in Brussels and the acts committed against the Hungarian people. 

The Hungarian government wishes to clarify whether the activities of György Soros’s organizations in Brussels affected Hungary’s sovereignty, and if so, how.

Lázár said it is necessary to clarify whether the country’s sovereignty was damaged in any way. He also said that leaked documents by the hacker group DCLeaks need closer examination for their authenticity.

The minister said that the transportation of immigrants to the Hungarian border and "the siege of the Hungarian border” were not random events in the autumn of 2015 but part of an organized campaign.

Another important question is how the "Soros network” was able to influence decision-makers at various forums of the European Union. The minister said they were not conceived on the desks of the decision-makers of the European Commission, but on the computers of George Soros’s colleagues.

During his interview on Kossuth public radio on Friday, the prime minister said the “Soros network’s” aim is to create a mixed population in Europe and to “condemn” the Hungarian government, in opposition on the issue of migration.

The network’s members in Brussels are working to “condemn and stigmatize the Hungarian government” and force it to change its migration policy, PM Orbán insisted.

He insisted that the “Soros empire” has a list of over 200 MEPs seen as “friends to the network”, and seeks cooperation from such deputies to build a Europe with a mixed population. “There are quite a few of them in the Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs Committe (LIBE), including Hungarians,” he said.