Jul 22, 2016

PM Orbán: The EU has been weakened by migrant crisis

PM Orbán feels that Brexit has downgraded the EU to a regional player and the next steps should be to determine the direction it's headed

The European Union has lost its global dominance following the exit of Britain and is experiencing difficult times due to bad decision-making, according to Prime Minister Viktor Orbán.

During the recent Visegrád Group’s (V4) heads of government summit in Warsaw, PM Orbán said that the European Union has been downgraded to a regional player in light of the worst possible response to the migration crisis by the European Commission.

He stressed that the task is now to define what the EU should do to regain its global leading role.

The comments came in light of reports yesterday of the prime minister saying that there is a clear correlation between migration and the increased threat of terrorism. “Those who deny this harm the security of European citizens," he stressed.

The EU should clarify its position on migration and define objectives, conveying these clearly and honestly, he said.

Hungary’s position is clear that illegal migration should be halted by setting up refugee camps and asylum centers beyond Europe’s borders.