Oct 23, 2017

PM Orbán: The European Parliament has begun to implement the Soros plan on migration

There is “no smaller bullet in the gun, but the establishment of a permanent and mandatory migrant resettlement mechanism,” said Prime Minister Viktor Orbán following the summit of EU leaders on Friday, “with no upper limit on numbers: the mandatory relocation quota system.”

The prime minister was commenting on the adoption of a report on the amendment of the Dublin Agreement, which regulates the EU’s Common Asylum System, by the European Parliament’s Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs (LIBE).

“[T]he attack on our sovereignty that the European Parliament has now launched is fiercer than any previous one,” the prime minister said, and Hungarians are now “waist deep in the struggle” to protect the right to decide “who can live on Hungarian territory.”

It’s outrageous, he said, that Hungarian “opposition parties support the Brussels immigration policy based on mandatory quotas” instead of supporting the national interest. In times like this, “national unity would have been useful.”

“While this government is in power and I am at its head, there will be no kind of relocation or quota in Hungary,” the prime minister underlined.

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán also commented on the “unprecedented” working dinner among the heads of the V4 countries and the European Commission, stating the differences between the two approaches are “alarming and almost hopeless,” but many of the misunderstandings could be cleared.

“It must be recognized that today Central Europe is the most successful region in Europe,” and those gathered for the meeting explained to the head of the Commission that the “citizens of Central Europe – including Hungarian citizens – are seeking greater respect.”

The prime minister also called for the acceleration of the EU accession negotiations in the Balkans with Serbia and Montenegro to “stabilize the EU’s role in the Balkans region.”