Jul 16, 2018

President Trump praises Hungary for its tougher border policies

The president said the migrant crisis caused the Brexit vote and the impact it has had on cities like London and Paris is "sad'

President Trump has told The Sun newspaper in the UK that mass migration has “changed the fabric of Europe and, unless you act very quickly, it’s never going to be what it was, and I don’t mean that in a positive way”. 

The president made the claims to the newspaper head of the NATO summit last week. 

President Trump reaffirmed his position during interviews with Piers Morgan on Good Morning Britain and other news outlets while visiting the UK later in the week. 

The president said the migrant crisis caused the Brexit vote and the impact its had on cities like London and Paris is "sad'. He also went on to praise Hungary for its tougher border policies. 

“I said Brexit was going to happen for a specific reason: immigration. I think the people of the UK want to have who they want in their country, and I think what’s happening all over Europe is very sad,” President Trump told Morgan.

The President was then pushed on his comments about mass migration, and why he said it was eroding Europe’s culture. 

“People were surprised you said that because America of course was built on immigration. The great culture of America is that it’s full of immigrants,” Morgan claimed.

“So why do you not think it can work in Europe?”

“I think it depends where they are [from],’ the President answered forthrightly.

“Who they are, educational levels, work levels, I think it depends on a lot of things. I just see what’s happening, the crime is through the roof in some places that have never had crime," Trump said. 

President Trump told Morgan you could “pick the country and… see what’s happening." 

“Some of the countries would not take it. And they’re being really admonished by the European Union for not doing it.”

He singled out Hungary, where the country as resisted the EU migrant quotas. 

“You look at Hungary as an example. They're not agreeing to do what some of the other countries did. Now it’s a very tough thing… yet [mass migration] is changing Europe. It’s seriously changing Europe.

“You take a look at what's happend in Paris, you take a look at what's happened in London. You look at what’s going on — it’s changing Europe, and I don’t mean in a positive way,” he stressed. 

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