Nov 13, 2017

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán re-elected chairman of the ruling Fidesz party

During the 27th congress, the prime minister said the party is prepared to win the 2018 spring general election to benefit the entire nation

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has been re-elected chairman of the ruling Fidesz party at its 27th congress.

PM Orbán, head of Fidesz since 2003 and previously led the party between 1993 and 2000, was re-elected in a unanimous vote by 1,358 delegates.

During the congress, the prime minister said the party is prepared to win the 2018 spring general election to benefit the entire nation.

“What gives Fidesz its own character is that it never settles with only winning an election; we want a lot more,” he said, adding that the party “was looking to find the deeper reason for its quest to win the election. ... We are looking to see how Fidesz can benefit the whole nation, all Hungarians, by winning the election.”

According to MTI, PM Orbán set three main tasks to accomplish: strengthening the achievements of the past seven years, deepening the ideological and spiritual foundations of the party, and defending Hungary’s future.

“Hungary will defend its borders, prevent the implementation of the ‘Soros plan’ and finally win the battle,” the prime minister said.

PM Orbán said Hungary is threatened by the “empire” of George Soros because it stands in the way of the plan to make nations a thing of the past and replace them with a Europe with mixed populations. The proponents of that plan “want to remove the governments that represent national interests, including our government.”

The prime minister also said that migration is only a tool of the “Soros plan”, one to weaken nations and eliminate Christian culture once and for all. The plan gravely jeopardizes security, he said, referring to frequent terrorist attacks, an upsurge in crime and violence against women, and a new wave of anti-Semitism in Europe’s pro-migration nations.

He said that some nations wish to enter a “post-Christian, post-national” era. There are various approaches to the issue but there would certainly be no unity if “we try to impose our way of thinking, interests and goals on one another.”

A “single Europe” can only survive if “we accept differences and respect one another”, if the continent becomes a free alliance of nations rather than a United States of Europe, PM Orbán said.

Also addressing the congress, László Kövér, a founder of the party and head of its national board, said the general election scheduled for next spring would be crucial.

“The ballot’s stake will be whether we are able to defend what is ours, what we have fought for,” he said.

“We must defend our culture, faith, language, identity, Hungary’s sovereignty, the right to self-determination and its national character,” Kövér added.