Mar 22, 2016

Protection still needed for the EU’s borders

On Tuesday György Bakondi, chief security advisor to the Prime Minister, told public television channel M1 that, as migrants are changing their routes into Europe, it is still necessary to protect the EU’s borders.

The chief security advisor referred to a statement by the Austrian interior minister, according to which the closure of the Balkans route could cause migrants to start using an alternative route through Bulgaria, Romania and Hungary. Mr. Bakondi stressed that Hungary will fulfil its obligations to protect its own borders and those of the Schengen Area.

Greece has started transporting to the mainland those migrants who arrived on its islands before the deadline specified in the recent EU-Turkey agreement; currently there are 50,000 migrants in the country, but after the introduction of stricter measures many were also left stranded in Macedonia, Serbia and Croatia. Turkey has introduced stricter surveillance of its coastline, but this measure has not yet yielded significant results.