Aug 14, 2018

Rare orchids named after Viktor Orbán and Gyula Horn arrive in Hungary

Specimens of the hybrid orchid species, originally grown in the Singapore Botanical Garden, were sent to the Fűvészkert Botanical Gardens in Budapest.

Examples of orchid species named after Hungarian public figures, prime minister Viktor Orbán and ex-prime minister Gyula Horn, have arrived in Hungary. 

The Singapore Botanical Gardens, the only world heritage tropical garden on Earth, is renowned for its unique hybrid orchid species. As a result of their experimentations, the National Orchid Garden is the biggest of its kind in the world with more than sixty thousand species. 

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán paid a visit to the site in Singapore last September. He also saw the botanical garden, where a peerless orchid species was named in his honor. 

The only other Hungarian politician who received the same privilege was previous prime minister Gyula Horn while visiting the city-state in 1997. 

The two orchids have been represented on the VIP educational train in the Singapore Botanical Gardens beside species honoring Elton John, Nelson Mandela, and Donald Trump. 

The examples sent to Hungary are exhibited for the public in the Fűvészkert, the oldest botanical gardens in Hungary. 

For the video posted on the prime minister’s Facebook page click here