Sep 30, 2016

REFERENDUM: Every vote counts

Polls predict an overwhelming majority voting no, opposing the EU migrant resettlement quotas, in Sunday's referendum

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has urged Hungarians to reject European Union migrant quotas in a referendum on Sunday.

The Reuters news agency today writes that opinion polls show support for a rejection of the quotas topping 80 percent among those who say they will vote.

PM Orbán said an overwhelming rejection would empower the government to defend the country and fight in Brussels for a change in migration policy, adding he was ready to start negotiations as soon as next week.

"If there are more 'no' votes than 'yes' votes, that means Hungarians do not accept the rule which the bureaucrats of the European Commission want to forcefully impose on us," Orbán said.

."The more migrants there are, the greater the risk of terror," he said. "We would like to preserve Hungary a safe country like it is now."

Since last September, when hundreds of thousands of migrants crossed illegally into Hungary on their way to richer countries in Western Europe, Orbán sealed the southern border with Serbia and Croatia to migrants with a razor-wire fence and around 8,000 army and police.