Apr 04, 2016

With illegal crossings on the rise, reinforcements to the Hungary-Serbia border underway

Due to the increased number of illegal border violations in the last few days, in response to a request from the Ministry of the Interior, the Hungarian Defence Forces (HDF) have started the further physical reinforcement of the temporary border barrier in certain sectors along the Hungarian–Serbian border. In order to finish the work as soon as possible, more HDF units were deployed into the area at the weekend.

It was in last autumn that the temporary border barrier was built along the Serbian–Hungarian border to stop the wave of refugees. Since the beginnings, the Hungarian Defence Forces have been contributing a large number of personnel and assets and are actively participating in handling the situation caused by mass migration. The soldiers serving on the border first constructed a temporary border barrier, and currently their core task is to support the work of the police, for which they are excellently prepared. 

The cooperation between the Hungarian Defence Forces and the Hungarian police is exemplary. While serving at the border, the uniformed personnel are doing their best to protect the external borders of the Schengen Area and thereby the security of European countries.