Jul 31, 2019

State Secretary: The US and Hungary fight for common values

Zoltán Kovács penned an opinion piece for Newsmax in response to former US Ambassador to Hungary Nancy Goodman Brinker calling Hungary a “former” ally of the United States.

Zoltán Kovács, State Secretary for International Communication and Relations, has said the US can count on Hungary in the fight for our common values.

Kovács made the remarks in a post for Newsmax in response to an earlier opinion piece penned by former US Ambassador to Hungary Nancy Goodman Brinker where she called Hungary a “former” ally that has turned “unsavory.”

“Hungary remains a staunch member of NATO, more than pulling our weight in terms of contributions to the alliance,” Kovács wrote. “We have embarked on our biggest military development program in the 29 years since the fall of the communist regime. It will gradually increase our spending on defence so that, as Prime Minister VIktor Orbán has promised, ‘we shall reach two per cent [of GDP] more or less by 2024’.”

Kovács also highlighted that Hungary's military spending will put Hungary among the only five countries in NATO that are fulfilling the two percent commitment, adding that Hungary is currently leading NATO’s Baltic Air Policing mission, which guards the airspace of Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania.

The State Secretary also quoted PM Orbán, who earlier this month at an Independence Day celebration in Budapest said “I can assure you, that you can count on us in the fight for our common values, whether it be in the meeting rooms or on the battlefields.”

Photo credit: Magyar Nemzet