Feb 25, 2016 - Ministry of Defence

The Hungarian Defence Forces Conduct Aerial Surveillance as of Wednesday to Assist Border Protection

The Government of Hungary is committed to protect the borders of the Schengen Area, and is doing its best to safeguard the security of Hungarian citizens.

The Hungarian Defence Forces have significantly increased the number of troops serving along the border, and are supporting the execution of patrol tasks by deploying motor and combat vehicles along the threatened border sections.

Furthermore, starting from Wednesday, 24 February, the Hungarian Defence Forces are helping the work of border security forces with aerial surveillance conducted by helicopters in the areas of Mórahalom, Ásotthalom, Domaszék, Kelebia and Röszke.

In order to prevent unlawful and illegal border crossing and damaging the temporary barrier along the border, the Hungarian Defence Forces – in cooperation with relevant organizations – are ready to take immediate action involving a large number of personnel and assets.