Dec 12, 2018

The “pro-migration majority” in Brussels has “forced” migrant visa proposal through the EP

Balázs Hidvéghi, the Fidesz party’s communications chief, said the pro-migration majority in Brussels aim is to “import even more migrants into Europe

Fidesz’s press chief has highlighted how the “pro-migration majority” in Brussels has “forced” the proposal on migrant visas through the European Parliament.

Balázs Hidvéghi, the Fidesz party’s communications chief, said their aim is to “import even more migrants into Europe”.

In a vote on Tuesday, the proposal was accepted with 429 votes in favor, 194 against and 41 abstentions. The resolution concerns the creation of a visa for migrants making asylum requests at EU embassies in countries outside the bloc. The visa would allow asylum seekers to enter the EU so they can submit their requests for asylum.

Hidvéghi said the visa, which was rejected in a vote in November before being re-submitted, “brought a favorable result this time round for the pro-migration majority in the EP.”

“It seems when it comes to migration issues, Brussels will call for votes again and again until they get an outcome which suits them,” he said. “The procedure is unacceptable and anti-democratic, as is the idea of the migrant visa itself,” he added.

Hidvéghi noted that the resolution calls on the European Commission to propose, before the EP elections in May, a legal way for migrants to enter the EU. The decision “basically opens the gates to masses of economic migrants,” he said.

The press chief also highlighted that there are other pro-migration proposals on the agenda. One concerns distributing anonymous debit cards to migrants and another the establishment of a “Brussels agency organizing migration that would interfere with the asylum procedures of member states.”