Apr 10, 2018

The two-thirds parliamentary majority for FIDESZ-KDNP just become more likely

The counting of mail-in ballots from Hungarians living outside of Hungary revealed overwhelming support for Fidesz-KDNP. Winning nearly 95 percent of votes by mail, the governing alliance secured an extra seat in parliament on top of their 133 mandates, according to the latest results.

Conservative news portal Magyar Idők announced that by yesterday morning, the National Elections Office reported that out of the total 96,751 mail-in ballots, 91,660 were cast for Fidesz-KDNP, 1,113 for Jobbik, 1,099 for LMP and 686 for MSZP.

According to the latest tabulations, the current governing parties won in 91 of the 106 individual electoral districts and picked up 43 seats from their best-ever national party list performance. Although official election results will be finalized on Saturday, Fidesz-KDNP is expected to fill 67.34 percent of the seats in the National Assembly, while Jobbik holds 12.56 percent, MSZP-PM 10.05 percent, DK 4.52 percent and LMP 4.02 percent. 

The Second Orbán Government extended to Hungarians living outside Hungary the right to request citizenship and to vote, which is one of the reasons for the ruling party’s strong support among this group of voters.