Jul 03, 2019

V4 scores sweeping victory with UVL nomination to head European Commission

“Neither Manfred Weber, nor Frans Timmermans cared for the interests of eastern Europe. Fortunately, we succeeded in stopping them,” said Viktor Orbán regarding the results of yesterday’s European Commission summit.

Hungary and the V4 countries played a decisive role in yesterday’s events. After facing tough criticism from the leaders of this region, Manfred Weber withdrew from the race as early as Tuesday afternoon. Timmermans met with the same fate, rejected by the V4 before quitting the competition.

The V4 leaders nominated Ursula von der Leyen, the German federal minister of defense. “We have put on the EU table a package that is winning acceptance among a growing number of member countries,” tweeted Prime Minister Orbán’s International Spokesperson Zoltán Kovács yesterday, “the Visegrad Four support German Minister of Defense Ursula von der Leyen as the next EU Commission president.” Von der Leyen, a medical doctor and mother of seven, has served as a minister in every Merkel Government. She was later officially nominated by the Council.

“This decision in and of itself indicates that some sweeping changes are due to take place in European politics,” said the Hungarian PM in a statement to the press. “There will be disagreements, conflicts, fights, but the chances of a successful resolution and outcomes favourable for our country have never been this high. We scored a crucial victory. We now have the power to let ourselves be heard, and to assert our interests as necessary.”

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