Apr 12, 2016

We expect the opposition to behave responsibly

In connection with talks on the anti-terrorism action plan, Antal Rogán, head of the cabinet office of the prime minister, explained that he has asked opposition parties not to underestimate the extent of the terrorist threat.

Mr. Rogán said that the opposition is still not taking the threat of terrorism seriously. He pointed out that the government is only asking for means [of combatting terrorism] that western European governments already have.

Reviewing Europe’s security policy situation and the Brussels terrorist attacks, the government has decided to prepare an anti-terrorism action plan. As the opposition’s support is also needed in order to discuss and approve the plan, the government has pursued five-party talks on the issue. Mr. Rogán said that the action plan includes a number of measures that would increase Hungary’s ability to protect itself. The cabinet plans to develop staff, equipment and technology in police and security units.