Apr 06, 2016

Working together to find a solution to the migration crisis

The countries involved in handling the migration crisis adopted a joint declaration in Vienna on Friday, 1 April.

The meeting of the Central European Defence Cooperation (CEDC) countries was attended by the defence ministers of Austria, the Czech Republic, Croatia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Poland as well as the countries of the Western Balkans – Macedonia, Serbia and Montenegro – that are facing the greatest challenge of migration. Hungary was represented by Deputy Minister Tamás Vargha, Parliamentary State Secretary at the Ministry of Defence. 

The significance of regional cooperation lies in the fact that the affected countries can implement a joint and coordinated migration policy by providing assistance to each other. At the meeting, it was stated that in accordance with the position that Hungary has taken since the beginning of the crisis, the CEDC and the affected Balkans countries will support all initiatives aimed at reducing the migration pressure on Europe. 

The joint declaration adopted at the meeting demonstrates that the cooperating countries are committed to enhancing coordination in taking action to solve the crisis.