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PM Orbán in Welt am Sonntag: ‘We cannot help the world while destroying our own people’

Jan 16, 2018 - Zoltán Kovács

Syrians running for their lives have every right to enter the first safe state they reach, but the EU shouldn’t let them march through Europe. Schengen, one of the EU’s greatest achievements has to be protected because if we fail to defend our external borders then the internal ones will have to be closed again. Prime Minister Orbán in Welt am Sonntag on migration, Europe, Germany and the mutual lack of understanding between East and West.

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PM Orbán in Bild: We didn’t want migrants, you did - now accept the consequences

Jan 11, 2018 - Zoltán Kovács

“We didn’t want migrants, you did,” Prime Minister Orbán said in an interview published this week in the German daily Bild, adding that Germany and Angela Merkel’s infamous Wilkommenskultur were at the forefront of support for immigration. Prime Minister Orbán, however, has pushed for a different approach, insisting that the borders of Europe must be protected to preserve the freedoms achieved within the EU and that illegal immigration has a direct impact on security.

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PM Orbán: European Court decision won’t change Hungary’s immigration policies

Sep 08, 2017

Hungary is a member of the European Union, EU treaties must be respected, therefore the rulings of the European Court of Justice must be acknowledged, said Prime Minister Viktor Orbán this morning in response to the decision from the European Court of Justice on migrant quotas. However, he added, that is not a reason to change Hungary’s immigration policies, which reject mass migration.

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PM Orbán: Hungary brings order to a disorderly Europe

Jun 30, 2016 - Zoltán Kovács

Speaking to graduating class of police and border patrol officers last weekend, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán had a simple message. It emphasized the outstanding achievement of Hungary’s uniformed services and how they have shown Europe that, if a country so wishes, it can uphold both the Dublin Protocol and the Schengen Treaty. And if everyone does their duty, Europe’s borders can be protected and mass migration can be controlled.

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PM Orbán: Differences between Hungary and Germany on migration are now over

Apr 22, 2016 - Zoltán Kovács

“When I visit southern Germany, I always find time to visit Mr. Chancellor [Kohl],” said Prime Minister Viktor Orbán about his latest meeting with former Chancellor Helmut Kohl, adding that they discussed the future of Europe and bilateral relations between Germany and Hungary. Today, in his regular biweekly radio interview, the prime minister had several interesting things to say about both. A few things that may surprise you.

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PM Orbán: Hungary celebrates paying off debt, will propose alternative to EU’s quota system

Apr 08, 2016 - Zoltán Kovács

In his regular, radio interview on Friday morning, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said that, on the EU’s quota system, “it cannot be the case that one member state alone makes a decision and the others suffer the consequences.” He also spoke about the symbolic significance of paying off the loan and that Hungary has good reason to celebrate this weekend.

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Prime Minister Viktor Orbán to hold talks with Secretary-General of the OECD Angel Gurría in Paris, and to travel to Germany on 18 April

Apr 07, 2016

The Prime Minister’s Press Chief Bertalan Havasi has informed that Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has travelled to Paris, where on Thursday he will hold talks with Secretary-General of the OECD Angel Gurría. During his visit the Prime Minister will also hold informal meetings with a number of important figures in French politics.

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“Every form of terror should be denounced and combatted,” says PM Orbán

Mar 22, 2016

“I’d like to express, in the name of the whole country, my commiseration and condolences to the relatives of the victims,” said Prime Minister Orbán today in the Hungarian town of Tatabánya, briefing journalists on the government’s response to the terror attacks in Brussels this morning. Earlier today Prime Minister Orbán and President Áder sent letters of condolence to Brussels and the prime minister issued a public statement.

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EU Migration Summit: Hungary says no to mandatory resettlement

Mar 18, 2016

“For the past several days we’ve working on behalf of the Hungarian interest that any kind of refugee exchange, settlement or movement of people would only happen on a voluntary basis. We have a chance to achieve this,” said Prime Minister Viktor Orbán upon his arrival at the EU Council meeting on Thursday. In response to a journalist asking about his prognosis, the prime minister confided, “I always feel good before a summit. Let’s see afterwards.”

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PM Orbán asks "Shall we Live in Slavery or Freedom?"

Mar 17, 2016

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán addressed the nation on the steps of the National Museum on March 15, 2016. His speech looked to the past and pointed out that Hungary's most successful revolutions were when the freedom of the country was threatened. Tying the past to present the Prime Minister spoke in plain but strong language aimed at Brussels and the threat that uncontrolled migration poses to not just Hungary but all of Europe.

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PM Orbán: ‘The time has come that we must save Europe’s future’

Mar 15, 2016

“No European nation can be free if Europe is not [free],” said Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, “and today, Europe is not.” Addressing a crowd gathered in front of the National Museum, the prime minister was speaking today on the March 15th holiday, the anniversary of the outbreak of the 1848 Revolution, a national uprising that grew into a war of independence from the Austrian Empire.

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'Defending Schengen With Mere Words Is Not Enough," Says PM Orbán

Jan 22, 2016

Europe has two types of countries, said Prime Minister Orbán during the joint press availability following his meeting in Ljubljana, January 22, with Slovenian Prime Minister Miro Cerar. There are "ones which defend Schengen with words, and others which do so with actions. We both fall into the second category." nyomtatás Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s statement after the Slovenian-Hungarian government summit 22 January 2016 22 January 2016, Ljubljana

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“The Route May Move in Any Direction, But One Thing Is Certain: It Will Not Go Through Hungary"

Jan 22, 2016

Hungary pursues "a migration policy which of course grants political refugees all the possibilities afforded by international law," the prime minister said, "but which does not allow anyone else in.” In his Friday interview on state radio, January 22, the prime minister talked about migration, the taxi versus Uber conflict, and the new family housing allowance program.

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PM Orbán: 'Liberalism No Longer Stands Up for Freedom, but for Political Correctness'

Nov 13, 2015

“We have lost that which made the European continent attractive," said the prime minister in this interview with a Swiss weekly, "and that which we Hungarians found so attractive in it: free political debate. Political correctness has turned the EU into some kind of royal court, where everyone must behave themselves, while all the time migration is an urgent challenge for us."