Mar 22, 2016

“Every form of terror should be denounced and combatted,” says PM Orbán

“I’d like to express, in the name of the whole country, my commiseration and condolences to the relatives of the victims,” said Prime Minister Orbán today in the Hungarian town of Tatabánya, briefing journalists on the government’s response to the terror attacks in Brussels this morning. Earlier today Prime Minister Orbán and President Áder sent letters of condolence to Brussels and the prime minister issued a public statement.

“It is important for me to say that every form of terror should be denounced and combatted. We should step up the fight against terrorists, and the lesson in this case is that European cooperation among domestic security services should be strengthened,” he said. The prime minister’s statement avoided mentioning the links between uncontrolled mass migration and terrorism and focused on providing essential details to the press.

“So far we know two Hungarians have been injured…and the emphasis here is on so far,” PM Orbán emphasized, as final news on the number of Hungarian injured has yet to be released. The prime minister also said that until more news is received from Belgium, Hungary is maintaining a level-two terror alert, on a four-level scale, and that its Counter-Terrorism Centre, also known by its Hungarian acronym as TEK, is on call until more reliable information becomes available. “These are precautionary measures put in place,” he said.