Rule of law

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Prime Minister Orbán responds to Manfred Weber: 'The truth, dear Manfred, is completely the opposite'

Dec 04, 2020

EPP group leader Manfred Weber stated in an online press conference on December 3 that the notorious rule of law mechanism, designed to force Member States into altering their stance on key policy areas, is not being set up expressly against Hungary and Poland. According to PM Orbán, however, the truth is completely the opposite. The following is the official, English language transcript of Prime Minister Viktor Orbán's response to Weber.

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PM Orbán: Drug regulation is very strict in Hungary, but the vaccine is coming

Nov 13, 2020 - Zoltán Kovács

The vaccine is on the horizon; we just need to hold on a little longer, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said in his morning interview on Kossuth Rádió. The prime minister also said the VAT on food delivery was reduced to 5 percent, plus he reemphasized that Hungary does not support the legislation drafted by the European Parliament and the German presidency, as "it would turn the European Union into the Soviet Union."

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PM Orbán: The situation is serious, but we can handle it

Nov 06, 2020 - Zoltán Kovács

Inspections are ongoing across the country, and everything will be shut down if the new coronavirus rules are not followed. However, there is light at the end of the tunnel, as a vaccine may be available in Hungary in 90 days. Regarding the latest EP decision, the PM noted that Hungary has the resources it needs for the next two years. Pertaining to the U.S. elections, he stated: “Every country is sovereign.”

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PM Orbán ahead of EU summit: If debates about the rule of law delay the establishment of the emergency fund, it's possible to make intergovernmental deals

Oct 01, 2020

In a statement to MTI earlier today, before taking off to the EU's upcoming summit in Brussels, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán made it clear that if the debate about tying the rule of law to EU finances would delay the establishment of the coronavirus emergency fund, then it is possible to make intergovernmental deals, outside the EU framework.

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PM Orbán: “When they question the rule of law, they step on our honor”

Oct 01, 2019 - Zoltán Kovács

At a joint press conference with Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, the Finnish PM, Antti Rinne, made clear that he will seek to make EU payments subject to the rule of law. Yet Finland itself fails to meet several important criteria of the rule of law, thus giving a clear example of the double standards that continue to prevail in the European Union. We should focus “more on what we agree on and less on where there are disagreements,” said Prime Minister Orbán.