Jan 06, 2016

Preserving Our National Sovereignty Is at Stake

In an address given at a Saint Thomas Becket Memorial Day conference in Esztergom on Tuesday, Minister of Interior Sándor Pintér said that what is at stake regarding the planned distribution of migrants across Europe is preservation of national sovereignty and a sense of identity. “Only those may enter Hungary whom we want to enter,” he stressed.

The Minister said that “we are being accused of not showing solidarity. We are giving an example of solidarity according to our system of values: we have sent police officers to Slovenia, Macedonia and Serbia; we are showing solidarity to those who want to protect their borders”. He added that Hungary has complied with all community laws while protecting Europe.

Mr. Pintér posed the following question: “Is there harmony between the leaders of the EU and everyday people?” In Hungary, the Government has asked for citizens’ opinions on the migration issue, and the majority of people support the Government’s position, he explained.

House Speaker László Kövér could not attend the event due to illness, but his speech was read out by the Bishop of Szeged-Csongrád County László Kiss-Rigó, one of the organisers of the conference.

“The key to the future lies in demography and identity: it depends on whether we respect the sanctity of birth and of family according to our Christian morals. It lies in whether we are able to preserve our communities’ sense of identity, and maintain our European and national sense of values and our ability to represent our interests”, Mr. Kövér wrote.

He was of the opinion that the crisis in Europe provides a chance to change, to “end the embarrassed or fearful silence around attacks that threaten Europe’s civilisation, and to define a new vision for Europe: one that is based on foundations one thousand years old”.

In Mr. Kövér’s opinion the essence of the solution is in European people – who still represent a moral majority, based on their values and traditions – and their organic communities: families, Christian churches and nation states which are capable of cooperation.