PM Orbán: Common sense prevailed, we defended Hungary's sovereignty and the money due to Hungarians

“At last week's summit of the European Council, common sense prevailed; we defended Hungary's sovereignty and Hungarian money,” said Prime Minister Viktor Orbán in his speech in Parliament today.


“We won because we achieved that, in difficult times such as the current epidemic, economic aid must not be linked to political conditions simply because it hinders us from acting quickly,” the prime minister said, beginning his remarks in the National Assembly today. He also thanked Poland for its friendship, perseverance and camaraderie.

PM Orbán emphasized that common sense prevailed because this route preserves the unity of Europe, defends the European Constitution, and averts the danger of imposing immigrants on Hungarians via tying them to the budget.

“We have prevented a country that does not accept immigrants from being penalized financially. We also protected the money of Hungarians; so what Hungary deserves, it will receive,” he said, adding that “It has become clear that the EU can only function successfully as a community of nations.”

What was really at stake at the meeting, according to the Prime Minister, was who would govern Europe in the future: a council of elected heads of state and government, or a network of George Soros, made up of liberal NGOs, mainstream media, a significant group of MEPs and Soros-representatives in the European Commission. The Council woke up at the last minute and stated that the EU Treaty could not be undermined and countries that refused immigration could not be blackmailed.

“However, difficult issues remain open; the commission's migration action plan calls for migrants to be given housing, assistance and voting rights. The Commissioner responsible for migration in Brussels talks about 34 million migrants,” Viktor Orbán recalled, noting that the Commission also has a gender action plan. “Hungary opposes these with all its might; we support childbearing instead of immigration, and the traditional family model must be strengthened instead of gender ideology,” he said.

Touching upon the pandemic, the prime minister said that Europe has to deal with the coronavirus, which is now peaking across Europe with restrictions being introduced in more and more places. As PM Orbán said, “the fight is taking place on two fronts: In hospitals, healthcare professionals fight for people’s lives, and in schools, teachers fight so parents can go to work and keep their jobs.”

“Difficult weeks are ahead,” PM Orbán said. But he also reminded people that “the vaccine is within reach, and we can expect the first doses in the last days of December. The vaccination plan is complete, and vaccination will be free and voluntary. Healthcare workers can be vaccinated first, followed by chronic patients.”

Viktor Orbán also emphasized that “the vaccine is not a political issue and is therefore being discussed with producers in both the West and the East. What matters to us is not what is in the interest of the pharmaceutical companies, but for Hungarians to have access to a reliable vaccine as soon as possible. Every life matters.”

Photo credit: Mandiner