May 29, 2020 - Zoltán Kovács

Operational Group: Wage subsidy program to be extended

“The government will extend the job protection wage subsidy program until August 31,” announced State Secretary Sándor Bodó at today’s Operational Group press conference.

Starting the press conference of the Operational Group today, State Secretary for Employment Sándor Bodó reported on the results of the economic policy measures taken due to the epidemic. So far, 10,500 companies have applied for job protection wage support, with the number of affected employees reaching 137,000. Moreover, 750 companies have applied for R&D support; the number of employees working at these companies is 12,000.

Bodó stated that “98 percent of employers submitting tenders have received support, and the government will now extend the job protection wage subsidy program until August 31.” He added that “the wage subsidy program can finance the creation of nearly 70,000 jobs, and the funding available for this is HUF 84 billion.

The state secretary said they received applications for 3,200 workers in just the first few days; 90 percent of applicants are micro and small enterprises, and the majority of tenders arrived from Hajdú-Bihar, Szabolcs-Szatmár and Békés Counties.

After reporting on Hungary’s most recent coronavirus data, Chief Medical Officer Cecília Müller, drew attention to the fact that “the pandemic continues, with nearly six million cases registered worldwide and the number of deaths also rising.” The CMO added that “the virus is also spreading where it has not occurred before, with the highest numbers of newly confirmed infections occurring in Brazil, the United States, India and Peru.

Touching upon the new regulations, Róbert Kiss, lieutenant colonel of the police, announced that “under the law that came into force yesterday, Slovenian and Hungarian citizens can enter Hungary from Slovenia without having to go into compulsory home quarantine.” “If symptoms of coronavirus are detected within 14 days of entry,” Kiss continued, “they must not leave their place of residence or accommodation and must notify the epidemiological authority by telephone.”

Finally, the lieutenant colonel also confirmed that live “in-car” music concerts can be held starting today; these are events where attendees remain in their parked vehicles while musicians perform.