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National Review includes a rather compelling account of the ruling Fidesz party’s win in Sunday’s general election

Apr 13, 2018

John O’Sullivan said he was wrong in predicting that Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s victory would fall short of a landslide. “For it was a landslide by the most exacting standards — which more or less destroys the arguments of his opponents and critics that his governing Fidesz party could win only through authoritarianism, gerrymandering, and the dominance of the media by Fidesz and its business allies,” he said

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Here's the questionnare that allows the people to have their say on the Soros Plan

Sep 29, 2017

On Wednesday, the government published the national consultation on the Soros plan, one of a series of national consultations in which the government turns to the people in the form of public surveys to ask their opinion on subjects important to their daily lives. This seventh national consultation addresses the Soros Plan to resettle one million migrants in Europe per year. The following is an English-language translation of the questionnaire.

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PM Orbán: European Court decision won’t change Hungary’s immigration policies

Sep 08, 2017

Hungary is a member of the European Union, EU treaties must be respected, therefore the rulings of the European Court of Justice must be acknowledged, said Prime Minister Viktor Orbán this morning in response to the decision from the European Court of Justice on migrant quotas. However, he added, that is not a reason to change Hungary’s immigration policies, which reject mass migration.