Mar 09, 2017

Brussels and Soros organizations attack Hungary over migrant stance

Hungary is "under continuous attack from Brussels”, and Soros organizations have also launched a fierce attack against Hungary because of tighter migrant rules

An investigation has found that Brussels and the Soros organizations have launched a fierce attack against Hungary because of the introduction of stricter border security measures and for stopping immigrants.

A joint press conference held by the Hungarian government and the governing Fidesz party has drawn attention to the fact that Hungarian police officers and military personnel guarding the border are being attacked with lies, and “Soros’s people are being ordered to write these lies”.

Fidesz parliamentary group spokesperson János Halász said that "several Soros organizations, including Amnesty International, the Hungarian Helsinki Committee, the Artemission Foundation, the Menedék Hungarian Association for Migrants and the Migszol Migrant Solidarity Group of Hungary, have issued a joint statement attacking the reinforcement of the legal border closure and have called on Brussels to take action against Hungary."

The spokesman added that these steps are seeing pro-migrant organizations once again encouraging migrants to become illegal immigrants, to confront the authorities and to break the law. “Anyone who comes to Hungary must obey Hungary’s laws," he said.

He also said that the Brussels bureaucrats are still pro-immigration and Brussels wants to punish Hungary once again for “not letting the immigrants through”. “Despite the fact that by protecting Hungary’s borders we are also protecting the external borders of Europe," he noted.

According to Bence Tuzson, minister of state for Government Communication, Hungary is "under continuous attack from Brussels”, and for instance European liberal and left-wing politicians are calling for another hearing with regard to Hungary.

“And some of the Commissioners of the European Commission are threatening to punish Hungary with sanctions, or even the withdrawal of funding, and with infringement proceedings, if Hungary does not change its policies on illegal immigration," he added.