Taxes then and now: These numbers speak for themselves

The world of politics, of course, is by definition dominated by the clash of conflicting ideologies and views. There are, however, policy areas where numbers matter more than opinions.


PM Orbán: Freedom and patriotism are the two pillars of Hungary

Freedom and patriotism are the two great traditions of Hungarian politics, "the two great pillars of a thousand-year-old Hungary, and these two pillars are connected by the beam of loyalty," Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said.

Dec 15, 2021 - Zoltán Kovács

PM Orbán: Pensions to increase by 5% next year

Prime Minister Orbán spoke about pension and wage increases, the vaccination of children between the age of 5 and 11, the conservative European leaders’ meeting in Warsaw last week, and fault lines within the European Union.

Dec 10, 2021 - Zoltán Kovács

Despite the pandemic, debt repayment remains right on schedule

While previous, Socialist governments were notorious for taking out large, irresponsible loans and driving up public debt, since taking office in 2010, PM Orbán’s cabinets have sent the IMF packing and paid back a large chunk of those dreaded loans.

Dec 7, 2021 - Zoltán Kovács