BBC Reporter frets about Hungary and the end of liberal democracy and gets owned by Steve Bannon

When Steve Bannon spoke at the Future of Europe conference in Budapest recently he mentioned that he had just been interviewed by the BBC and that at the end of what was a lengthy conversation, the reporter had to get in one last question. Her last question was about Hungary and Viktor Orbán, and she was so unnerved, said Bannon, that “her head blew up.”

That piqued my curiosity, so I dug up the video of the interview. Have a look for yourselves and see Bannon own this BBC reporter with her superficial provocations about Hungary.

The question comes at about the 21:56 mark:

BBC Reporter: Europe - As well as the National Front, you’ve supported, Fidesz in Hungary; Viktor Orbán’s party, and the recent success of Matteo Salvini, La Lega in Italy. Is that what you think the future is? the end of liberal democracies in Europe?

Steve Bannon: Why do you say “illiberal democracies”? The last time I looked they were all voted into office. They are populists. This is another thing. You know, the BBC, The Financial Times, The Economist – they are on a meltdown. Okay? Guess what. The globalization project that you promoted was wrong. Okay? It didn’t work. It’s time to embrace that. And what people in Hungary, in the Czech Republic, or in Italy want [is] to take their country back and want to get their sovereignty back and want to get their citizens back. It’s not the end of the world.You guys all sit there like “it’s the end of liberal democracy, it’s the rise of fascism”… 

A little later we get this exchange:

BBC Reporter: So doesn’t it matter to you when Viktor Orbán is talking about defending Christian Europe or when he’s saying he doesn’t want a “colorful country”. You know what that means!?

Bannon: I think Viktor Orbán is a patriot of Hungary, and I think the people of Hungary have to decide that…

BBC Reporter: What does patriot mean? Does it mean somebody who doesn’t want people of other colors?

Bannon: Viktor Orbán says something about protecting the Judeo-Christian West, okay? I don’t think that’s the end of the world.