Brace yourselves! The progressive elite of The New York Times editorial board is so woke about Hungary

The editorial board of The New York Times, a veritable Wikipedia gold mine of names from America’s left-wing elite, has once again turned its indignant wrath on Hungary and Prime Minister Orbán. The editors and publishers who make up the board are hot and bothered about the prime minister’s “right-wing, nativist, nationalist politics.” They’re so woke.

The Manhattan clique is joined this week by a columnist at The Guardian, a former professor at CEU by coincidence, who mourns the sad day when the CEU was forced out of Hungary. Except it wasn’t. Except it still operates unfettered in Hungary as the fully accredited Közép-europai Egyetem. And the CEU, by its own admission, still doesn’t carry out any higher education in the US. But never mind. It’s an assault on academic freedom! It’s a “dark day.”

“Three of the largest democracies are now run by far-right leaders (Brazil, India and US)”, the columnist writes. These events are a “terrifying reality in a world that is increasingly governed by authoritarian leaders.”

The editorial board at The New York Times, a publication that was caught red-handed giving out major advertising discounts to left-wing groups like MoveOn.org while charging full price to conservative causes, is losing sleep at night about media balance in Hungary. They claim that Hungary today has hundreds of pro-government news outlets, “compared to 31 in 2015.” They say nothing about the impressive audience share of Hungarian media – including the largest television channel and the largest online news portal – that remains consistently and vociferously critical of the Orbán Government. Is there a single member of that editorial board that speaks Hungarian?

Behold the mainstream media elite. As long as internationalism, posing in the name of “civil society” as democratic or democracy itself, remains all the rage, the enlightened that make up the editorial board of The New York Times and the intellectuals who write for The Guardian are lovin’ it. Though their agenda carries a questionable democratic mandate (or none at all), they have no problem with questions of media balance, as long as that media is in their own hands.

But beware if alternative ideas rise to challenge their enlightened, liberal orthodoxy.

To the progressive elitism hell-bent in its determination to push a top-down global governance, the most perilous threat comes from the democratically elected governments of nation states who dare to defend the Judeo-Christian roots of our European culture, our national identity and sovereignty and say no to unbridled immigration.