European Parliament speeds up realization of the Soros plan

Last week’s decision by the LIBE Committee of the European Parliament to propose a limitless resettlement quota scheme and the EP’s newest Hungary-bashing report all point in one, disturbing direction: a concerted effort to push a pro-immigration agenda that would accept an unlimited number of migrants into Europe and to strong-arm any member states that dare to oppose.

The fact that an American billionaire financier believes that the European Union should receive millions of immigrants from the Middle East and Northern Africa, provide each one with an annual 15,000 EUR in aid, and resettle these migrants in member states where they do not wish to go and are not necessarily welcome is outrageous. The details of that proposal have been put in writing by George Soros himself.

It’s odd when a private citizen is received by the president of the European Commission and there’s no transparent agenda for their closed-door meeting. It becomes more unsettling when the citizens of Europe see that the migration proposals coming out of Brussels bear a strong resemblance to those laid out in the article entitled “Here’s my plan to solve the asylum chaos” by George Soros.

This might still sound like a conspiracy theory until you read about the internal documents of Soros’ Open Society Foundation in DCLeaks. The documents list key players in European institutions that can be counted on as trustworthy allies of the financial speculator’s goals.

In recent years, we have learned Soros’s ways of pushing his agenda: roads paved with political influence, ideological deception, groundless accusations and false information.

If this report threatened only Hungary, it wouldn’t be a problem. The Hungarian government has grown accustomed to countering the groundless accusations and false information used by the proponents of this radical open society agenda. But this time it’s not just Hungary. It endangers the future of Europe as a whole.

“[T]he musket is not only primed but loaded,” said Prime Minister Orbán last Friday, commenting on the news that the LIBE Committee of the European Parliament adopted a report on the amendment of the Dublin Agreement, “in Europe in the future, a permanent and mandatory migrant relocation quota mechanism will be established, with no upper limit on numbers.”

The amendment regulates the EU’s Common Asylum System, pushing for limitless resettlement quotas overwriting the member states’ own right to decide whether or not they would want to receive immigrants from outside the EU.

In other words, this would mean the institutionalization of migration and a serious compromising of the EU’s external borders. PM Orbán warned that the report put Europe’s future in jeopardy as it “ignores the danger in migration’s link with terrorism and a decline in public safety”.

With a recent donation of 18 billion USD, the US billionaire made the Open Society Foundation the world’s third largest non-governmental organization . According to the internal documents of the foundation, the Soros network boasts at least 30 allies on the LIBE Committee.

Then there’s the report. The European Parliament has followed-up on its decision in May to look into alleged “systemic threats to the rule of law” in Hungary with the appointment of Green MEP Judith Sargentini to lead the committee. It gives many the feeling of déjà vu. Four years ago – also just months before the Hungarian parliamentary elections – another Green MEP, Rui Tavares, was in charge of producing a report on the state of the rule of law in Hungary. This time around, it’s the same, ridiculous, uninformed accusations, but with a little twist: Hungary is being bashed for its pro-security immigration policy that counters the Soros plan.

No surprise that three out of the five members commissioned to prepare the Sargentini reportare referenced as “reliable allies” in the internal documents of the Soros Open Society Foundation.

“The sole purpose of the report is to force Hungary to alter its migrant policy,” Fidesz spokesman Imre Puskás stated in response to the news. There is a lot at stake. Europe’s greatest achievements, the Schengen zone and European territorial integrity, are under serious threat.

Hungary has always cooperated with the European Commission and the Venice Commission when resolving differences and disagreements over legislation, the rule of law and human rights. But the Hungarian government will not abandon its security-first approach. We believe that the safety and security of Europe should remain a top priority. We want to live in a Europe where it is up to each member state to decide on their immigration policy.

That determined position, one that is shared by many other member states, is under serious duress from within the European Union. Be it the Sargentini report, the machination of the LIBE Committee, or any other movement of trustworthy Soros allies in the system, Hungary, as always, will promote the interests of our citizens and the citizens of Europe.