Fact check: Hungarian authorities firmly refute false claims about Ilaria Salis' voting rights

Hungarian Prison Service Headquarters clarifies the misstatements about Ilaria Salis' voting rights, ensuring compliance with all legal protocols.

The Hungarian Prison Service Headquarters (HPSHQ) has categorically dismissed the recent allegations made by Roberto Salis that his daughter, Ilaria Salis, an Italian national currently detained on the charge of organized assault against multiple individuals, is being denied the right to vote in the upcoming European Parliamentary elections. These claims, they assert, are not only unfounded but misrepresent the facts.

(If you missed the story, read the details here.)

"The claim that the Metropolitan Correctional Institution is barring Ilaria Salis from voting in the European Parliamentary election is simply false," states the HPSHQ. The institution stresses that the law (Act CCXL of 2013, Article 131) mandates that inmates are to be afforded the opportunity to vote, and the correctional facilities are obliged to facilitate this fundamental democratic right.

The process includes asking qualified inmates if they wish to vote, followed by submitting their intentions to the election office, which then confirms their eligibility based on existing legal standards. This ensures that all inmates, including Ilaria Salis, have their voting rights upheld in strict accordance with the law.

Furthermore, the HPSHQ strongly refutes the baseless allegations that suggest any intention or legal ground to prevent inmates from participating in elections. “These false claims do a disservice not only to the integrity of our correctional system but also to the hard-working professionals within it,” the headquarters expressed, defending the honor and professional dignity of their staff.

The Hungarian Prison Service is committed to ensuring all inmates can exercise their rights under Hungarian and international law, debunking any myths to the contrary. The clear message from the HPSHQ is that all eligible inmates, including Ms. Salis, are guaranteed the support needed to participate in voting, completely countering any notion of rights being denied.

Please, Mr. Salis, in the future refrain from spreading fake news aimed at defaming Hungarian prisons and the professionals working within the correctional system.

(Photo credit: Máté Bach)