Freedom House sank to becoming a mouthpiece of the Soros Network

And as such, we couldn’t care less about what they wrote in their latest “Nations in Transit” report.

While in their annual “Nations in Transit” report Freedom House is ringing the alarm about Hungary’s alleged democratic decline, we could also talk about the organization’s fall from grace and transformation into a mere mouthpiece of the Soros Network.

Let’s face it, as even former director of the Open Society Foundations Andrej Nosko admitted in a leaked Skype interview last year, Freedom House produces reports where “instead of the analysis, essentially, you have agitprop.”

What’s more, Nosko underscored what the Hungarian government has been saying for years, if not decades. “Essentially, [according to Freedom House] whenever it's your friends who are in the government, then the country is doing well. If it's not your friends in the government, then whatever they do, it's just not good enough,” he said.

Exactly. Whatever we do is just not enough.

Our Western, liberal friends recently asked us to adopt new judicial rules to ensure the “rule of law.” And we did just that. They asked us to entertain additional checks and institutions to fight corruption. We did it. They asked us to remove cabinet members from university boards. Check.

I could go on, the list is extensive. But was all of this enough? No, of course not. They want more.

What they want is essentially for Hungary to change its stance on three key policies: migration, gender policy, and the war in Ukraine. All three of these fall strictly within the realm of national competencies.

As Prime Minister Orbán has stated countless times, while Hungary has shown great willingness to cooperate and at times even compromise on a slew of other issues, these three key areas belong in a category where we must follow the country’s well-established national interest.

And that can be summarized in six simple words: “No migration, no gender, no war.”

The latest Freedom House report is another attack on Hungary by the Soros Network. They are constantly attacking our country with “rolling dollars” to the Hungarian opposition, with Brussels procedures, biased reports, and shady attempts to influence Hungarian elections.

Despite their best attempts, electoral support for Prime Minister Orbán’s government soared to an all-time high in last April’s parliamentary elections. The Soros Network has failed, and they will continue to fail as long as they resort to underhanded tactics in pursuit of their ultimate goal, removing the national government that says “no” to war, “no” to immigration and “no” to gender ideology, and putting in power the Hungarian left that says “yes” to war, migration and gender.