George Soros plans to give the world what it “really needs” in a new global, educational network

For those who still had any doubts, I’m just going to leave this here.

At this week’s World Economic Forum meeting in Davos, American Billionaire George Soros had some interesting things to say about his next endeavor.

To pursue the “most important and enduring project” of his life, pointing to the global drift towards growing authoritarianism, Soros announced that he would be allocating 1 billion USD to found a “new kind of global educational network,” which would be called the Open Society University Network (OSUN).

In Soros’s view, it is high time that Open Society Foundation, the vehicle through which he funds myriad endeavors to advance an ideologically driven political agenda, to build on his previous efforts and develop “a new and innovative educational network that the world really needs”.

Certainly, tens of millions of voters around the world would agree that this is what the world really needs.

As we’ve said before, the international media and advocates of globalism enjoy referring to Mr. Soros as a “philanthropist” engaged in “charitable giving.” But all you really have to do is listen to Soros himself. He’s pretty clear about his determination to push his open society agenda.

Photo credit: AlJazeera