Here’s why the case of Ahmed H. is a perfect example of why Soros provokes controversy

If you want to understand why the government of Hungary considers Soros and Soros-funded organizations to be political actors driving an agenda, look no further than the case of Ahmed H.

The case of Ahmed H. is symbolic, said State Secretary Csaba Dömötör earlier this week, because it exposes the workings of the Soros-funded network supporting open borders and illegal immigration.

Everybody remembers Ahmed H., right? He is the Syrian national and resident of Cyprus who was charged and convicted for illegal border crossing and involvement in terrorism in 2015.  For those who don’t recall the details, here’s his case in brief: 

Ahmed H. played a leading role in the so-called “Battle of Röszke” in 2015. At the height of the migration crisis in September 2015, a riotous mob of illegal migrants attempted to break through the border near the Hungarian-Serbian border crossing at Röszke in September 2015. They demanded to be allowed to cross the EU border – illegally – and when denied, they attacked the police guarding the border. Here’s a short but telling video of the confrontation:


See that man at the front of the mob, leading them on and later throwing rocks at police officers? That’s Ahmed H.

Unfortunately, Ahmed H. committed a grave mistake that day by crossing the border illegally and resorting to violence against law enforcement officers, so he suffered the legal consequences.

On first instance, the Szeged Tribunal sentenced Ahmed H. to ten years in prison. In 2017, the Szeged Court of Appeals ordered a retrial. The Court of Appeals handed down a sentence of five years in prison, which would be counted retroactively from the time he was detained for the crime.

Some protested following the first court decision, demanding “Freedom for Ahmed.” POLITICO Europe even ran a story on it,depicting Ahmed H. as a human rights case and that the charges were overblown. 

POLITICO and others left out some important details – like really important details – about the Ahmed H. incident? For example:

They failed to mention that at the time of the arrest, Ahmed H. held a valid Schengen visa to enter the Europe. They did not report that he had in his possession eight other passports issued to other names. They left these details out because it would have contradicted their narrative, a story of injustice, a modern David vs. Goliath story. Maybe that version is more clickable.

Amnesty International claimed that the procedure was unlawful and should be regarded as a human rights case. The Hungarian Helsinki Committee, which represented three out of the “Röszke 11”, took up Ahmed H.’s defense. What do these organizations have in common? They’re Soros funded. They have no democratic mandate and would not exist in Hungary without their Soros funding.

Immigration is a sensitive political issue in every country. It touches matters at the core of national interest, including national identity and security. The Soros network is working to undermine governments and political forces in Europe that oppose illegal migration and try to safeguard the future of the continent.

Having served two-thirds of his sentence, Ahmed H. will now be released under conditional parole. Under the provisions of Hungarian Criminal Code, he will also be expelled from Hungary because he was convicted for crossing the border illegally.

But the story doesn’t end here. Ahmed H is now suing the Cabinet Office of the Prime Minister, seeking compensation for defamation. 

It’s an absurd situation, said State Secretary Dömötör, when a convicted criminal seeks 8 million HUF in damages for “defamation of his reputation.” Any guesses as to who is supporting his case?