How the Soros Empire manipulates from the shadows

A recent report unveiled that George Soros’s charities and organizations fund more than 250 media outlets around the world, manipulating public opinion and bankrolling liberal indoctrination.

Uncovered in a new report by the U.S.-based Media Research Center (MRC), billionaire financier George Soros has ties to more than 250 organizations, capable of molding public opinion on a wide array of issues in most countries around the world. Through his growing empire of charities, liberal think tanks, and socio-political clout, he is hell-bent on shaping the world to his liking from the shadows.

George Soros has already been exposed as attempting to influence domestic politics in Hungary, but the 2018 parliamentary elections clearly showed that an overwhelming majority of Hungarians refused the idea that Hungary must become an immigrant country and voted in another two-thirds majority for PM Orbán and his government. Those who criticized us for passing the “Stop Soros” act back then can now fully grasp why we thought it was absolutely necessary.

Today, we can see that his activities have become much more far-reaching. While the left like to depict the billionaire businessman as a mere boogeyman used by right-wing demagogues, Soros himself told The New York Times once that he was working to “bend” the arc of history “in the right direction.”

What this lurking liberal influence entails is promoting transgender ideology to children, anti-Christian propaganda, the abolishment of the nuclear family, climate radicalism and uncontrolled migration — all in all, pushing extreme leftist content under the guise of “independent” journalism, inspired by Soros’s “open society” utopia.

Soros is known to be one of the largest donors of the current Biden administration and the Democratic Party, and, as has already been proven, they secretly financed the Hungarian leftist opposition with millions of dollars during the last election.

But it is not only NGOs that are used as a front to propagate his views. Just a week after the scandal that we like to call “rolling dollars” broke out, Telex, an “independent” ultra-liberal media outlet in Hungary just announced that it is establishing the so-called “Telex Academy,” bankrolled by the Biden administration, with the aim to “improve media literacy for young people.”

This perfectly lines up with the methods and techniques often utilized by the Soros network. They use foreign governments as fronts to finance liberal propaganda and neo-Marxist ideology, tailor-made and then spoon-fed to indoctrinate the youth.

As the MRC report clearly shows, Soros’s influence is far from insignificant, and as the Hungarian government combats their efforts, they are only doubling down on their intent to destroy our shared vision of an independent, free, and proud Hungarian identity.

But rest assured, the Hungarian government, and the Hungarian people, have already shown that we cannot be deceived so easily. We will fight, and we will combat any and all means that aim to undermine our beliefs and freedom. Because no amount of “rolling dollars” and liberal propaganda can prevail over the truth — nor the will of the Hungarian people.