Hungary stands firm on rejecting amendments to the EU Budget and Ukraine’s Accession

In today’s Government info session, the key topic was Hungary's position on two crucial issues: changing the EU budget and initiating talks about Ukraine's accession to the EU.

Regarding Hungary's stance on adjustments to the EU budget, Minister Gergely Gulyás expressed the Hungarian government's firm opposition to any amendments.

The minister stressed that the existing budget has not yet been fully implemented, raising concerns about the feasibility and implications of introducing changes at this juncture, especially while there's no detailed study on how Ukraine joining the EU would affect the region.

On this, he stated: "Ukraine has not met the conditions necessary to start negotiations," citing the country's failure to fulfill criteria such as addressing corruption issues and decisions adversely affecting national minorities, including the Hungarian community in Ukraine.

In contrast to the premature consideration of Ukraine's bid, regarding the readiness of the Western Balkans for EU membership, the minister reiterated the need for a discussion about their inclusion.

Shifting the focus to domestic issues, the government's decision to maintain the interest rate freeze until April 1 for SMEs and until July 1 for consumer loans and student loan subsidies reflects its commitment to mitigating the financial challenges faced by its citizens, ensuring economic relief and stability for the Hungarian people.

Furthermore, Minister Gulyás shed light on Hungary's economic outlook, projecting a decrease in inflation to 7 percent by the end of the year, mitigating the existing ripple effects of the Russo-Ukrainian war. The minister noted that despite these challenges, the government remains optimistic about fulfilling its economic commitments, including significant minimum wage increases in the coming year.

On another note, while addressing illegal immigration, the minister emphasized the importance of arrivals following Hungarian principles and laws, revealing plans to tighten immigration laws, adhering to the guiding principle "Hungary belongs to Hungarians."