László Trócsányi officially named EU Commissioner for Neighborhood and Enlargement

Former Minister of Justice, László Trócsányi has been officially nominated as EU Commissioner for Neighborhood and Enlargement.

With his distinguished diplomatic and academic service, Mr. Trócsányi has years of experience that will prove invaluable in his role as EU commissioner.  Doctor of Laws and a former judge of the Hungarian Constitutional Court, he has also worked with the Venice Commission of the Council of Europe and served as Ambassador of Hungary to Belgium, Luxembourg and France. Between 2014 and 2019, he served as Minister of Justice in the Hungarian Government.

His research fields include comparative constitutional law, administrative jurisdiction and European public law, including questions pertaining to the correspondence between national constitutional law and European integration. He co-authored a volume about the constitutions of EU member states, which was published in 2005. His past research has also delved into the organization and legal system of Francophone countries as well as the development of national parliaments and constitutional trends. He has published works in Hungarian, French, German and English.

László Trócsányi will make an excellent contribution to the new EU Commission. It’s clear that in today’s Europe, we have a lively competition among different ideas about the future of the EU, but we hope that meaningful European cooperation will prevail with the leadership of Ursula von der Leyen.

We look forward to a new European Commission that will bring more balanced, cohesive EU leadership and open a new era in EU immigration policy. The Hungarian people have made it clear that they expect the new European leadership to stop migration and to protect our Europe of nations and Christian culture. The area of Neighborhood and Enlargement for the Hungarian member of the Commission would present an opportunity to make an important contribution to the EU’s approach to enlargement and EU neighbors, areas critical to Europe’s future.

Photo credit: pestisracok.hu